Friday, April 3, 2009

what the f***!!!i should be at my SEREMBAN house right now..all maybe having supper with my cousin..T.T..usually will say this then i mst start with a BUT..BUT im now still in kuching..(and a because)BECAUSE no one realize my passport WAS expired..haiz..where got ppl not balik kampong 4 one year huh??im in sarawak for a year witt no permit..until this evening my father kepo kepo wan check our passport and found out mine one expired..anyone feel my heart??my feeling??that i was actually super excited and happy go back and meet siaw wei..thats all right!!the most KEK DAO one is they(the imigresen) wan to arrest me???can i use a simple word ARREST??im so panic on that time..dont know wat to do..actually watever i do is just time!!but i still give myself some HOPE!!that is i call to the airasia,then get the airort imigresen no.with a pity voice i ask them what should i do??
The woman said "huh??one year??how come??oh~u better don come to the airport la miss..else we need to CATCH u and ask a lot of FUNNY!!we same same malaysian..we step the same land together..sama sama tahu melayu!!y is this for???kanasai!!don know wat to say anymore!just a word soi!wat to do??ta ma de!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Monday, March 30, 2009

friend is friend(good)

i get the above title from YOU..after my fren read me your blog my tears not because im sad that SHE say me like that but is TOUCHING..know that i have a fren that really not respect me..but how lucky am i found a fren like u treat me nicely and appreciate me..u trust me!we never say so much!no need explaination!!the words FRIEND will tell us..listen,if she really hate me madly like that,is just fine..just seems that im lucky that i know her attitude earlier than later..and how unlucky she is cause she make herself lost a good fren..i wont say whose fault or just..over~i keep silent not because of the right usually LAZY come out to explain so much..because the right is with u..then it is..i don have any meaning to blame..but the purpose is just to shout out "THANKS SAN"!!i love u~

Saturday, March 28, 2009

taka bday nite

is just a happy night~

our bday boy stand behind with his camera^^

can u see this??wat a cool bday cake that i must mention here..

coery with 50 strawberries!!is really sweet(i mean the look)

yummy!!by TAKA..

Friday, March 20, 2009

eh..TUN JUGAH hot milo really not bad la~

can have a try if go there

siaw wei~

i promise siaw wei ill upload this..

but my usb sot sot that till now i just upload it here.,

its our high tea at GINGER BREAD the last 2 days before sheleave..

miss her a lot..but feel happy for her cause she will go melbourne soon^^

do something she like~~


i hurt my leg.TT

tonight is a last night my aunt stay with brother treat her to shabu shabu then i hurt myself by the boiling soup..SUPER HURT!!HOT HOT HOT!!i told HIM just now..he ask care from him..i tot he'll very care and put medicine for me..but i think too much..haiz..but then i saw his hand got a red scar..wanna ask him y,seems he not ask so much,then i keep silent better..just like icare him too much but he is not..dono y this few day feel bad bout our relationship..FAR?dono what..(sai lou"CLA"any comment?)where's the sweetness?gone gone gone..can i find it back?will he know what am i thinking?my feeling?